Recipe : Olive leaf extract

We have a regimen for immunity support in our house. It includes clove oil, frankincense, Manuka honey, olive leaf extract, bone broth and raw plants. We add in a few herbal tea blends, lots of water, colloidal water was a recent addition and lots of rest. We also do not claim sickness. We still have […]

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Let’s talk : cleansing

Cleansing is a great way to help the detox organs do their job with ease. The importance of cleansing and frequent fasting on the health of our body has been known throughout history. Let’s talk a little about cleansing. Our bodies use the nutrients of life to grow and develop. Water and all of the […]

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A grapevines breath

    Spring is arriving right on time in the Pacific Northwest. The first currants are bursting open and our plum tree has new shoots waiting to flower. She is almost fully pollinated by flies! Ive only seen a few other bugs around when she blooms. The grape vine will take a breath again soon. […]

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DIY herbal tea bags

We drink tea here very often. I love buying herbs in many different preparations and using them all. I am thankful for the multitude of ways we can heal with plants. Dried herbs and plant parts are efficient and effective. Tea is the worlds top drink! More people drink tea than any other prepared drink… […]

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Exploring a Food Forest

When we moved into this neighborhood, I had no clue there was a food forest being built two blocks away. I had been studying food forestry for a few years and was eager to get to the Pacific Northwest and see what they were growing up here. It all aligned perfectly and I ended up […]

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A story about a tree

In a large old growth forest, there lived a tree. She stood tall. Her roots grew double her height. She spent her days exchanging all the necessary chemical and electrical properties her community needed to survive. She served this purpose with many other large loving trees. She encouraged the youthful conifers to grow big and […]

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